5.11 Large Drop Pouch - 58703

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5.11 Large Drop Pouch

5.11's Large Drop Pouch attaches to any MOLLE compatible system or standard belt to hold vital gear. Small and compact, the Large Drop Pouch opens up to a 6" diameter offering plenty of storage space and features an elastic draw cord that can be pulled sung or released with one hand.


  • Slickstick molle attachment system
  • Elastic Draw cord
  • 10 inch height
  • 6 inch diameter when open
  • 500D nylon

The Large Drop Pouch attaches quickly to any molle compatible system to hold critical gear. 5.11's VTAC Drop pouches fold up into a small and compact format, yet open up to offer plenty of practical storage space. The Large Drop Pouch feature an elastic draw cord that can be pulled sung or released with one hand. This Large Drop Pouch is extremely durable and can be easily removed and relocated to other molle compatible systems using 5.11's Slickstick molle attachment system and can be worn on a standard belt..


The 5.11 Slickstick is compatible with standard molle attachment systems, yet functions like none other. The Slickstick slides through a UV-resistant ring making it easier to arrange and attach your pouches and other gear. Slickstick attaches like a normal molle attachment, but it slides to make it easier. To remove an item, just pop the snap and pull the stick out.


Quality Prym Snaps and Velcro on 5.11's Large Drop Pouch. Constructed of 500D quality nylon.


All of 5.11's accessory Slickstick pouches compliment any molle system and give you tremendous versatility in organizing your gear. The Large Drop Pouch is a great value and extremely durable nylon accessory.