Protech Delta X w/ Team Wendy Suspension System

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Setting industry standards, the Delta line of PROTECH Tactical helmets is synonymous with ergonomic comfort, superb ballistic performance and field tested results. With the addition of the Delta X, PROTECH continues to expand their product offering, all with the end-user in mind.

An ultra-lightweight helmet designed for optimal protection and comfort during extensive missions.

Tested under NIJ 0106.01 protocol and modified to address 9mm round and velocity, the Delta X exceeds industry standards as not only the lightest helmet on the market, but also exhibits the highest fragmentation standard at V50>2600 ft/s (792 m/s). Comprised of polyethylene and a composite matrix of fibers, the Delta X can withstand assault from 17 gr. fragments and type IIIA handgun threats. This ultra-lightweight ballistic helmet features a boltless mold and is compatible with boltless retention and suspension offerings such as Team Wendy® CAM Fit™ retention system and Team Wendy® EPIC Air™ Suspension.


Image showing the Delta X high-cut in foliage green with NVG shroud, rails with bungies, TCI Liberator II communications system, and Team Wendy® CAM Fit™ and EPIC Air™.


  • NIJ 0106.01, Modified to address type IIIA rounds and velocities
  • V50  ≥ 2600 ft/s (792 m/s) for 17 gr.
  • Boltless Mold Design
  • Weighs 1.47lbs (0.67kg) in large, full-cut shell
  • Shell Cuts: Full, Mid, and High available
  • Compatible with a variety of accessories offered by PROTECH, including: Rails (with or without bungies), NVG shroud, Velcro® Kit and TCI Communication Systems
  • One size fits all configuration