Protech Impac-RT PLUS 10"x12" Plate

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Built upon the performance of the IMPAC-RT plate for rifle threats, the IMPAC-RT PLUS provides heavy duty protection in a sleek design. The IMPAC-RT Plus is made of a hybrid steel and fiberglass composite and is covered with heat bonded spall wrap to help reduce spalling, fragmentation and ricochet from ballistic impacts.

  • Hybrid steel and fiberglass composite
  • Special threat plate designed to protect against heavy duty rifle threats
  • Special threat tested against:
    7.62 x 51, 147 gr. (M80, .308)
    7.62 x 39 MSC, 123 gr.
    5.56 x 45, 55 gr. (M193)
    5.56 x 45, 62 gr. (M855)


10" X 12" featuring an advanced, military-style shooter's cut