Protech Shift 360

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The SHIFT 360™ is a sleek and innovative plate rack design that offers the operator ultimate scalability based on mission-specific requirements. The SHIFT 360™ can be worn in its most basic form as a plate rack system with the ability to build protection by adding optional accessories to transform into a fully loaded tactical carrier.


The SHIFT 360™ brings an unprecedented degree of choice and flexibility to officers’ protection, allowing them to bring exactly the features they need to the field: no more, no less.


  • Highest speed and most dynamic situational scalable system on the market. A la carte offering of optional system accessories for a multitude of custom configurations
  • The Shift 360 features design refinements for increased fit, form and function such as cummerbund upgrades, reinforced attachment system and new closure system offerings
  • Armor and accessories available in a wide variety of colors


Optional accessories include:

Panel inserts, ballistic internal yoke [combo shoulder, neck & throat], ballistic collar, ballistic throat, ballistic shoulders, non-ballistic shoulder pads, ballistic upper arms, triple M4 Mag Carry set, ballistic lower abdomen/spine, “XL” shoulder straps.

In addition, accessories such as hard armor plates, ballistic belts, tactical pouches and vest support system can compliment the Shift 360 platform even further.


Load-bearing Systems:

Advanced Webless System, Traditional Modular Webbing, FirstSpear® 6/12™ [Coming Soon]


Color Availability:

Advanced Webless System – Black, Tactical Green [483], Ranger Green, Coyote, Tan [499], MultiCam®

Traditional Modular Webbing – Black, Navy, Tactical Green [483], Ranger Green, Coyote, Tan [499], MultiCam®, Digital Woodland Camo, Digital Urban Camo, ATACS® AU