Protech TSI IIIA Ballistic Nylon Shield

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PROTECH® Tactical is pleased to announce the expansion of its line of ballistic shields with the introduction of the TSI family of type IIIA shields. These new shields are available in three sizes, 20" x 34", 24" x 36" and 20" x 48", and feature a flat design with a low-profile, ambidextrous collapsible handle for easy storage. The TSI shields feature a 4" x 10" multi-layered polycarbonate ballistic viewport with a 100% aramid ballistic shield design and durable 1000-denier Cordura® nylon outer skin. The combination of these materials makes the TSI family of shields extremely lightweight and affordable.

The shield and viewport have been independently tested to defeat the following handgun rounds:

  • 9mm 124 gr. FMJ
  • .44 Magnum 240 gr. LSWC
  • .357 SIG 125 gr. TMJ
  • WIN. Ranger 9mm 127 gr. +P+ SXT
  • 5.7x28mm 40 gr. SS197/Blue Tip


TSI Shields include the following features:

  • Type IIIA flat design with a tapered bottom for easy storage and maneuverability
  • Free-floating 4" x 10" type IIIA multi-layered viewport
  • Viewport overlaps ballistics in the front and back - reinforcing the seams and providing excellent protection from handgun threats
  • 1000-denier Cordura® nylon outer skin with a durable, non-skid rubber outer edging, which provides weapon-clearing capabilities while adding protection from wear and tear
  • Padded forearm rest on the body side of the shield that provides additional standoff protection against backface deformation
  • Low-profile, ambidextrous rubber grip handle with nylon webbing, which allows the shield operator's arm to be kept vertical in a strong-arm position utilizing skeletal support