Safariland HyperX™ Integrated Ballistic Panel

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Stepping out of the future and into the present as the new way armor will be worn, this HyperX™ Integrated Ballistic Panel is worn over the T-Shirt Base Layer providing outstanding mobility and protection. As part of a scalable system, the Integrated Ballistic Panel has an ergonomic contouring design and provides maximum concealability. It's customizable with multiple plate pockets for hard or soft armor trauma plate protection, has removable contoured straps for adjustability and Luxicool channel spacer to cool the body in extreme situations. Must be worn in conjunction with the HyperX™ T-Shirt Base Layer.

  • Integrated carrier ballistic system
  • High profile Velcro for extra strength and durability
  • Strategically located ergonomic Velcro channels for easy fastening and removal
  • Maximum concealability through body contouring design
  • Scalable system with or without side panels, with or without plates
  • Removable contoured ergonomic straps with controlled stretch
  • Front and back plate pocket
  • Interchangable detachable liner system: Luxicool, channel spacer, and higlyh absorbent washable microfiber