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Corrections Threat

The weapons that inmates fabricate within a correctional environment are just as deadly as those on the street. The IMPAC-CT provides stab protection against spike and edged blade instruments. The IMPAC-CT is a made of a hybrid, ultra lightweight polycarbonate material and is only offered by PROTECH® Tactical.

  • Manufactured with a combination of poly carbonate and flexible stainless steel
  • Independently tested against spike and edged blade instruments
  • special threats:
    Spike / Edged Weapons
    - Spike 3
    - Knife Blade, P1 Edge Blade 3
    - Knife Blade, S1 Edge Blade 3

This item falls under our special order policy. This item is non-returnable.

Is Body Armor Legal? What is our policy?

YES, it is legal. Federal law permits the purchase and possession of body armor and ballistic materials in the United States. Guidelines dictate that:

  • Customers have never been convicted of a felony
  • Customers are 18 years of age or older*
  • Level III and IV hard armor and rifle plate purchases must be authorized with a federal or state tax-exempt ID*
  • Individuals in Connecticut, including those with Connecticut billing addresses, are not permitted to purchase body armor online**
  • When purchasing this product United Uniform may require ID prior to shipping.

*Here at United Uniform, we choose not to sell body armor to individuals under the age of 18, nor do we allow individuals without a federal or state tax-exempt ID to purchase Level III and IV hard armor and rifle plates. For more information, please contact a United Uniform representative.

**Connecticut residents are prohibited from buying body armor online, unless that customer is classified as military personnel or is a law enforcement official. We cannot ship any of our ballistic products to Connecticut or accept credit cards billed there. Some states, such as New York, are considering new legislation to prohibit or restrict citizens from buying body armor. If you live in a state that passes such a law, we also cannot ship our ballistic products to you or accept credit cards billed there.

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